Unless you have lots of experience as a carpenter, plumber, and electrician, a bathroom remodeling job is best left to the Portland bathroom remodeling professionals.  Just ask Jack …

Jack and his wife, Katie, wanted to remodel their guest bathroom which happened to be the bathroom their two boys shared.  Since he had done some handy man work around the house, Jack told Katie he could fix up the bathroom himself and save them a lot of money.

He did great with the demolition (the boys liked that, too)!  However, six months later their vision for their new bathroom was still just a dream.  In fact, the bathroom was unusable so the boys were using the master bathroom!

Finally, Katie had enough.  They hired a contractor and their beautiful bathroom was finished in two weeks!

baby in bathtub

Now, their bathroom is completed and they love it!

  • Your family will LOVE the convenience of your new bathroom.
  • The modern, new surfaces will make cleaning a breeze.
  • The updates will make your whole house look – and feel new.
  • And if you’re thinking of selling your house in the future, updated bathrooms (and kitchens) are the top rated features buyers want.

Why professional bathroom remodeling in Portland?

It’s a big decision to have changes made to your home.  Hiring Portland bathroom remodeling means:

  • You can trust your home to someone who has years of experience
  • Your job will be completed – and completed correctly
  • You have an advisor to ask for suggestions and ideas
  • You have a consultant to offer money-saving tips
  • You have a full satisfaction guarantee
  • You are working with a team who is dedicated to making your bathroom beautiful

Go ahead, ask for references and talk to their previous customers about their experience. Ask them if they would hire that company again!